Colored Glass Filters

The Largest Selection in the World!

We provide a wide range of over 100 filters with optical wavelengths from 200nm to 2200nm.

Low Pass filters for Digital Camera and Cell Phone

Polarizers (400 ~ 2000nm)

Waveplates (441.6 ~ 1550nm)

The glasses can be classified into three categories based on their spectral transmission curves.
  • Cut-off colored optical filter glass
  • Selective absorption colored optical filter glass
  • Neutral filter glass

* Standard size is 50mm×50mm, but we can accommodate special requirements upon request.

Cut-off Glass Filters

UV Transmission Filter

Yellow Long Pass Filter

Orange Long Pass Filter

Red Long Pass Filter

Infrared Transmission Long Pass Filter

Selective Absorption Glass Filters

UV Transmission Visible Cut Filter

Violet Band Pass Filter

Blue Band Pass Filter

Green Band Pass Filter

Yellow Band Pass Filter

Orange Band Pass Filter

Infrared Transmission Visible Cut Filter

Heat Ray Absorption Filter

Wavelength Calibration Filter

Neutral Glass Filters








                        Optical (ND) Filter